The Analysis About the Front On-Board Navigation Market

In the market of front on-board navigation system, the cooperation between the map suppliers and automotive manufacturers helps them to take large market share. The partner is very important in this market. The navigation disposition of the high class automobiles are improving continually in the recent years, especially from the year of 2009. The front on-board navigation system has been the bundled equipment of the Audi A6 and other automobiles form the year of 2009. As the typical representative of middle-high level automobiles, Audi attaches much importance to the system, which must has great influence to market. According to the market research and analysis, experts think that there are three tendencies of this system. I will list them below.First of all, the competition will be fiercer in the market share of the front on-board navigation map, and the market concentration will be strengthened. The navigation industry needs the high investment of fund, technology and manpower originally; therefore, some map manufacturers will weed out.Secondly, the cost reduction of the front on-board navigation system will make its market develop. Now, the navigation industrial chain is becoming mature, so customers also know more about this system. Automotive manufacturers are attaching much importance to system, so the ration taken by the system is increasing rapidly. The role played by this system is becoming more important, which also will be the key point of the investors.Thirdly, information service will promote the further development of this system. The participation of communication and GPS operators improves the content of service. The diversified information service becomes the main reason why the manufacturers and customers choose the front on-board navigation system.Integrated with the above three reasons, experts predicate that the navigation market will gain the rapid development in the future three to five years. The related information service will also perfect the profitable model. Consequently, the industrial chain will be perfected, which will promote the market develop continuously. The related integrated circuit is 5TUZ47C.

Mobile Technology Meets the Automotive Industry

Mobile technology is not isolated to one particular sector. While tech-savvy individuals do put mobile technology to work everyday, it’s not solely them who enjoy the benefits of this important societal advancement.More and more industries are learning that the future is mobile. Because of the growing ubiquity of mobile phones, there is no single industry that could not benefit in some way from implementing mobile technology. One such industry that can (and does) benefit from mobile technology is the automotive industry. If you’re involved in this competitive sector, then listen up: mobile technology can help you run your business more smoothly, and can also allow you to tackle problems with more creative and innovative solutions.One of the most interesting aspects of mobile technology is the advent of QR codes. These codes are becoming more and more commonplace, and are by far the best way to get a consumer to a website landing page.Here are just some of the ways by which QR technology can be put to good use in the automotive industry.Custom-Designed QR CodesQR codes are an excellent addition to any business. While they provide many ways for companies to get their target audience to a website landing page, the problem arises when you consider the sheer amount of QR codes that are bombarding consumers every single day. If you’re an automotive company who wishes to stand out, you’ll want a QR code that will be both iconic and memorable. That’s where custom QR codes come in. Now you don’t have to settle for a QR code that’s black, white, and mundane; custom-designed QR codes allow businesses to have codes that incorporate their logos, background imagery and chosen colors.Specialty QR CodesWhile fancy, aesthetically appealing QR codes are nice and flashy, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. That’s where specialty QR codes come in. This technology is not solely for bringing customers to a boring landing page – people need motivation to scan a QR code… And you need to provide them with a call to action to do just that.Consider some of these innovative solutions that can be incorporated into the automotive industry.Tag2pdf – You can use Tag2pdf to get vehicle information directly to a customer. QR codes can be placed on car windows; when scanned, the interested customer will have the option to be emailed all pertinent information about the car. This is easily the quickest and most efficient way to get comprehensive information about a product directly into the hands of a customer.Tag2win – Customers can scan a Tag2win code to automatically be entered into a contest to win an automotive prize. This is a great way to spike consumer interest.Tag2video – Tag2video provides an incredible opportunity for the automotive industry. These codes can be scanned to deliver a video right to your customers’ phones! The implications of this are obvious: instead of having a boring, static advertisement, you can bring things to life by showing them a video of one of your cars in action!Together, specialty and custom-designed QR codes provide a comprehensive way of implementing mobile technology into the automotive industry. Make sure you take advantage of this cutting-edge technology and achieve your full potential in a world that is clearly going mobile. Don’t miss out.

Promising Automotive Careers – Start Yours During National Car Care Month

On reality shows like Monster Garage and Motor City Motors, we’ve seen a GMC Suburban turn into a pothole filler and a PT Cruiser transform into a wood chipper. And these just scratch the surface of the miracles that mechanics can perform.National Car Care Month, which started April 1, is designed to bring attention to the important tasks mechanics perform every day: from changing oil and air filters to reading diagnostic reports and repairing engine defects. Without their expertise, most of us wouldn’t be able to make it to work everyday. And with the current emphasis on hybrid technology, auto mechanics are going to checking our fluids and fixing our engines well into the future. If you love cars, love working with your hands, and hate the idea of being chained to a desk all day, an automotive career may be one to consider.Some mechanics get their start by taking automotive classes in high schools, while others attend two-year associate degree programs sponsored by car dealers and manufacturers. If you’re thinking about going back to school to become a mechanic, remember that the best programs are those recognized by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). (ASE also certifies mechanics after two years of experience in a given area, plus completing a test.) While you’re in school, you’ll learn basic automotive service, how the engine works, the different electrical systems, how to suspension and steering systems function, heating and air conditioning systems, and much more.Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll be ready to start popping hoods and changing brake pads. And best of all, you’ll have a range of careers to consider, including:Autobody and collision repair specialists take the dents, dings, and damage out of cars after collisions of all shapes and sizes.Audi mechanics are employed by Audi dealerships and work specifically on this line of cars.BMW mechanics stay up-to-date on the changing technology and processes that make BMWs run.Ford mechanics can find employment in a wide range of business, from government agencies to dealerships to private garages.Small engine mechanics work on boats, lawn tractors, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles.Nascar pit crew mechanics have reached the holy grail of car and racing enthusiasts. They prepare high-performance race cars for big races, and are responsible for changing out the engines, switching plugs and other parts as needed, checking and adjusting tire pressure, and making weight adjustments on race day.For more information on auto mechanic career paths, check out this auto mechanic career profile.